SirPaul replies to: Simple Daily Trend Reversal Trading System

It was another roller-coaster week, and I had a few stops taken out a long the way.

This week there were once again some strong trends with many pairs rejecting 61, 78 levels, and breaking through their S/R 100 levels.

This is one of the weak points of the strategy unfortunately, and as it being a trend reversal base strategy in strong trends it can fail.

We can never know if it is a strong trend until it breaks S/R 100, and in that case for me it signifies a strong trend, and that is why I don’t trade past it.

The only way to avoid big losses in these kinds or market conditions is to use a good MM, and to manage your risk appropriately. This wasn’t the best week, but at least I did not lose more than I made.

Lets hope the new week ahead will be better.

Do the opposite of the 95% and be part of the 5%.

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