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Hello everyone,

I am running an EA already that opens positions, sets SL and TP and all that, it’s running on over 20 something pairs.
This EA I have worked on for some time now and forward testing it live, my goal is 10% profit monthly returns with also max 15% draw down, and it has performed remarkable well ever since, the only issue i’m having is I manually have to close the positions, meaning watching when this 10% return has been hit which is a bit of work as I have other businesses.

I have posted on here and a couple of other threads requesting for a proper trade manager to enable me close trades automatically when account size % growth or DD has been hit. A few kind people on here have sent me a few but they don’t quite do the work, they do not close trades.

Please no questions asking If I will sell the EA, no I wont, or if I will rent it the EA now I wont. The only thing I can do is allow you to copy trades it takes to your own account, so a trade copier for anyone interested would be the best bet for you but this is to only persons that can code or create me a proper trade manager that will close all active trades when targets are hit.

So what I am currently looking for is another EA to work along side with this, a very good EA trade manager to add to this without obstructing it, that will close all the open positions when the equity of the account has made profit above the above the balance or closes below a certain loss amount.

This EA trade manager would be only added to one blank chart and should be able to close all active trades when said profit amount or loss amount has been hit regardless of what the other EA is doing.

EA automatically closes all orders on the account when it reaches amount of profit or loss on the equity and does not restart trading unless I manually restart it.

balance = $1000
EA trade manager closes trades at profit = $1100
EA trade manager closes trades at loss = Max DD %

EA made $100 profit etc.
The EA must close all open positions on the account.
I do not want both EAs to continue the trading unless I come and restart process again manually.

Below is the EA performance for the Month of AUG starting from the Aug 6th up until Aug 28th which is today and my monthly 10% profit target has been hit, but a usual I manually closed all positions.

Message me if interested. Regards.

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