Slingshots1 replies to: Trading Made Simple

Virtually no-one here with a business plan… all you will read is – ‘I make consistent gains and its good enough for me…’


Oh please…

You’re basically admitting that you don’t make a dime. Not on average.

If you were trading Futures and bagging (on average) 40 ticks a day – 200 a week, that’s $1k with the min single contract.

So, once you can handle that together with all emotions involved (for and against), you simply start trading 2 contracts and double up to averaging $2k a week.

Next 5 contracts, 10 contracts… and why wouldn’t you? $10k a week for trading exactly the same way…

When people say that they are happy making consistent gains, they give away exactly where they are in this game… nowhere near consistent gains! They make a bit and give back a bit more, with absolutely no business plan.

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