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Hello DingDong, Please, do you have any dashboard like Dashboard V3 that works in MT5?

for MT5 still no have, Brother, i’m sorry brother.
Mt4 platform still active btw, brother, hehhe.


[quote = clarkestrack; 9228703] Ciao ho usato Fibo V3 Dshboard da DingDong99 per il mese scorso e ha mostrato grandi promesse, sono stato in diretta per 2 settimane e con un buon profitto TUTTAVIA stamattina ho dovuto riavviare il mio VPS e ora Continuo a ricevere errori 2016.11.01 06: 43: 10.752 Dashboard esperto Fibo V3 AUDUSD, M1: rimosso 2016.11.01 06: 43: 09.863 Dashboard Fibo V3 AUDUSD, M1: motivo non valido 8 2016.11.01 06: 43: 09.863 Dashboard Fibo V3 AUDUSD, M1: inizializzazione fallita (1) 2016.11.01 06: 43: 09.863 Dashboard Fibo…

hi, i’m sorry brother, i don’t understand with u language, so hope u can change with english than, brother. Thank.


{quote} Never overlook the coding power of the young girlz….and just look into the “toolz” thread where i posted my work what young kidz can do! {image}

yes, i agree the kid still need much time to learn something, Sister.,
hope in the future can make success together, my Sister


{quote} Hi dingdong, Is this the most recent version of Dash Ratio Strength Range? Can you explain a little how the range works? Thanks.

hehe, what coloum should i explanation for u, Brother.
u can try read some post start in here link Brother…77#post8220877


{quote} i only see some little jokes,nothing serious.sorry… but is fine and is very good kids play around,in some years 10-20 you might get some serious experience and who knows what nice tool you can bring out

Yes, I Agree, as i’m is Kid and in here much for playing, Brother
so, let’s continue play again, Brother,,


Hello Sister DingDong, Yesterday I was casually fiddling with the setting of Dashboard Fibo V.3 and then became busy with something other. On opening today I find a prized catch though it is none of my use as the account was demo. Pls see the image. Can you suggest some tips for consistent gain? Best Regards, kkb2k8 {image}

hi, Brother, i use the dashboard for help my manual order,
monitor my order i mean, so if u ask for auto for the scenario that still no good for full auto.
that is i have experience for make full auto and running in 3 month and sometime have bad day too.
so, be carefuul if u use for make full auto, Brother.


{quote} Hi dingdong99, Can i know Dashboard V.3 is there any expire on this

yes, have expired time, Brother.
and when the dashboard expired, i will post again in this thread, so don’t affraid about that, Brother.


{quote} GVC or DD must re write and corect the code for strength,but i doubt they have any interes to do that seeing what some gangs are doing with their dashboards.imagine they will corect it then those scammers will take it as fresh good tool and continue their scam plan. in fact there was no need for any new ”lion kind idiot shit thread” cos that dashboards can be tested and get more support right into this main you can figure why they made new thread of course cos they wanted to atract people in their idiot scam plan. not hard to…

hehe, in Dash Fibo V3, also have wrong calc for CSM, Brother Husky ?
cause i no have what the right CSM, so i can’t fix the CSm, Lol,,,

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