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{quote} So aside from the fact that i might’ve labeled my waves wrong, say i was trading short on wave B. the scout, checker, and attack sequence (20 in fti’s example)would be played out over the smaller a-f waves?

You can put em in where you want – you decide no set rules (good to look at where buyers/sellers may be (sup/res) and momentum pushes and what zones are being taken out – but if you had em in short in wave B you need to be aware it could go long in a deeper pullback and then short or even reverse long. After all after an impulse you could just get an abc and then run short or a complex pullback like this one and then run short or impulse then range then short or it could reverse long (could be in accumulation) – lots of options. Look to left where your B wave went down where did it find buyers and how did it react? Then at the top where did it find sellers and how did it react to tell you. Lots of clues going on for feel – but we need to have a plan of possibilities I guess. Some peeps in that pullback would only trade short and might rescue later if in too early some peeps might kill scout – all may do different things. Up to you. Just remember planning and adapting to the now – that is the skill.

I cannot say how I would have felt as not trading at mo.


check out the terrain – follow never lead

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