split15 replies to: Does 100 lots move the market?


does somebody know brokers who offers trading over 100 lots? all retail brokers is limited to 100 lots but where to go when you want cross that line and go over 100 lots?

any broker has more then 100 lot orders. or do you speak from metatrader platform? this platform is not for trading big sizes, only for beginners for easy trading, later metatrader has many disadvantages. simple use one good tradestation and you can trade what ever you want with any good broker, and of course use limit order when you trade 10 million trade (=100 lot), from 50 million only limit orders….

when you trade 100 lot each trade , then start trading with prime brokers, rest would be total stupid. until 500 lots you dont will have any problems, in main currencies like eurusd you can also have 1000 lots with limiots orders good filled or at least partially filled to a good part, depends all on your strategies of course…

so your question was about metatrader or about broker with the 100 lot?

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