SputnikX replies to: Diversified Trend Trading Approach


{quote} I beg to differ; Market conditions can be divided onto regimes (of our choice); i.e. ranging vs trending, volatile vs calm, etc.
… From a risk management perspective, it is better to avoid major economic events.

yes, from a risk management pov is better to avoid them but from a money management pov is better to bet on them.

most of the days are the same, they begin and end without forming memorable memories. like shorting more turkish lira in the day of the coup (some trend following lads where short lira for weeks/months and in that day added to the short side, others closed the postitions, others did nothing just holding to the bet) the guy that was also short lira, adding to the short and also having a sense that is not an ordinary day, is a historyc moment was ahead, he was able to hold with convinction.

really, the turkish coup was a historyc moment (made by cia, gru, edro himself or someone else? maybe we will find the true in 50 years or never) but look what happened after: more historyc events and extreme ones sending turkey a nato ally close to russia for buying millitary equipment.

Price itself it’s an indicator

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