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Hello Magix,

This is to check with you possibility of a ‘side-business’ together with your existing strategy.

See attached screenshot where you can see 6 BUY open trades of Stochs2, lot sizes are from 0.01 to 0.06. Let us call these are original trades.
As usual, these positions will be closed as per ‘cost averaging strategy’. That is fine and let it continue to do so. No change is needed.

Now about ‘side-business’: What I want to check with you is, when each of above mentioned BUY trades are opened, is it possible to do parallel and opposite (SELL) trades for the same lot size and currency pair, say up to 5 or 6 positions, in a separate group ?

i.e. BUY and SELL trades will happen same time, same lot size, but different group under Stochs2.

Original BUY trades are in loss and waiting for reversal and cost averaging mechanism.
All of the parallel SELL trades are in profit. No need of cost averaging mechanism for parallel-SELL trades since all of them are in profit. Do not wait for the original trades to close; just close all of them after 5 or 6 positions.

This will be an extra money while we are waiting for the original trades to close.
Magix, please think about it. I know it is easily said than done.
My understanding is, as far as coding is concerned, nothing is impossible for you.

Best regards,
Mohanan Mavilakandy

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