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{quote} Hi 919gilead, Which session do you usually treat? I would suggest that if we see a movement taking shape it is that we could communicate it and after each one take what he can according to his time. That way everyone can win. What do you think 919gilead?

I have no preferred session as I am constrained by time. I am 8 hours behind London and 3 hours behind US open. Asian session opens around 2 pm my time. Therefore I can trade the Asian session sometimes and when I sleep early, I give London a try too. I have been trying to put a time to my trading but every time I try, the market refuses to move at that time, so I began playing cat and dog with the market by focusing on the setup on the charts. It is the setup of the charts that hints at when the market wants to move or explode, and it can happen in any session.

Then how do we identify that setup??? Remember we trade strength against weakness, right!! You want majority of pairs in the currency group(s) to be showing the same pattern and consolidating (that is, trading sideways – up and down the MA Ribbon over 2 – 4 hours and sometimes more). This is a possible percussion to something rumbling. For me I trade with 3 screens – one for my trade execution, two for my dashboard with MADdash, csDash, Currency Slope Strength, news, etc and three, about 12 naked charts representing the major groups where I can see real price action not just the Christmas tree lights of the dashboards. I have these 12 chart monitor on 2 different MT4s and just need to flip between them to see what is happening while the MADdash gives a bird’s eye view too.

Unfortunately, the market likes to play cats and dogs with traders and it is very difficult to know when the market will move. I have spent 36 hours or even more without sleeping monitoring and trading, and don’t want to do that again, so you can see that it will be difficult to agree a set time to trade but still trying to find the best trading time and will keep to it, and take whatever the market gives me.


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