stefdek replies to: MRDFX’s Journey to Freedom

Hello guys what a week its been!

Monday was a really great start, and my weekly basket hit target again for 5.5%.

I had also opened a EA buy order late Sunday night, and EA had been misbehaving going into some unlikable draw, but good things happen, and after multiple bounces off S61 it finally reversed, and I managed to come back from -10% draw, and close everything in profit.

Overall this week is going well with +18% so far.

I’m going on holiday this weekend, and will be away for a while so there won’t be much manual trading from now on for the next 2 weeks, only the EA’s doing their thing. I’ll keep an eye on them from time to time, but they are pretty self sufficient, and I needn’t worry to much I think.

Ok later guys! Happy trading!

Do the opposite of the 95% and be part of the 5%.

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