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Hi Fraktal,
I joined the forum cause of this thread. I have experience in FX, i’m not a newbie at all, but as You said in one of the early posts (using paraphrasis) “some ppl go deeper in the darkness still feeling that there is sth wrong with the whole business”. And I had the same intuition that there is still something wrong… so I was digging and digging, spending thousands of hours. One day we developed with my 2 friend and indi that was creating trading levels (very powerful idea) based on options prices taken directly from CME everyday. And You know what ? a short while after when retailers started earning some money, but consistently… CME has changed the way of how files were available so there were not by FTP more :/ and the whole idea crashed to the ground… No, it doesn’t work anymore. I even wrote to CME and got so stupid answer that it’s not worthy to repeat it. This is how the business works. And unfortunately majority had the attitude “tell me how it works”, but the whole method has been already explain. Laziness (

We are treated as meat for the sharks what Fraktal has PROVEN already. Of course… above all of this You can find usability of waves, EMA’s, triangles, formations etc but pls be honest with ourselves: it’s still guessing and trying to justify the reality.

I have learned three powerful techniques: VSA which tells similar what Fraktal says: SM are hidding their positions “on the tape”, so You must know HOW to follow their signs exactly like tracking snake on a desert, Gann techniques and Options. VSA states clearly that SM are playing in the shadow DURING a news to mislead the DM. Maybe this is reason what FF said why FX is decentralized and we can not follow volume from futures… but the volume is just a small part I believe.

So to those who has some another brilliant idea… pls go and open Your own thread
If You dont understand that he presents real pearls… maybe You need more time and money to mature, cause I’m personally tired of HOW the games works. I’m not a daytrader, cause I sit in work, but I believe there is still a way to succeed.
For those who still complain cause there is no “download” button – I spent amazing amount of time doing researches, cause there is a hunger in me to find an answer. But there is absolutely no a tiny shadow guy on the back on my head saying that it wont be fair IF that thread will go commercial. I dont care really, and I’m not wealthy man, but I can appreciate what other ppl offer AS THEIR WORK, just as a matter of respect for their work. I tell You more… it will be very sad for me if Fraktal decides to close / modify the thread, cause I feel deeply the REAL value of what he presents.

Yes, I have done my homework, another man on board You can call it a Cult LOL I dont care how You see me

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