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Eur/Usd: Daily Market Trends Update 5/31/2018

Eur/Usd On 5/31/2018 at 8am est.. Boulder Multi Time Frame System:

1H, Uptrend, Trend stop at 1H close 1.1634, Running Period: 29x1H
4H, Downtrend, Trend stop at 4H close 1.1727, Running Period: 72 x 4H
Daily, Downtrend, Trend stop at day close 1.2015, Running Period: 47 days.
Weekly, Downtrend, Trend stop at day close 1.2535, Running Period: 2 week

( Note: Those stops will change with hour close and price action)

Trading Strategy:

Currently 1H uptrend, 4H, daily and weekly are downtrend. If you trade 1H trend, preference is to long as long as Uptrend stop 1.1634 held at 1H close.

Ea had 4 open for the cycle.. close 1 position +85 pips yesterday, currently 3 more open

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No system guarantees returns, make sure more ups than downs in the long-run

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