synicz replies to: Trading Myths and Some Forex Math

If markets are predictible, why we dont have any TRADERS in Forbes top richest 10? I am pretty sure there would be at least one ;-). (If you think, that your trend line’s, S&R zone’s, MA’s and other bullshhh.. can predict the price, then yes, it is predictible :-))) ) – it is not a prediction, it is just an opinion and your guess.

I would like to discuss, why people are saying that you need to have at least 10 000 chart hour’s to become a profitable, to be in the market at least 7-10 years. Why is that?

What you will get after that time? Some kind of “AHA” moment, or what you will learn after that? Is it a rule?

And if you are agree with this years, hours, you can share what did you find out, after that time :-).


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