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The forex family has been on my radar for close to about a year and a half now. Throughout this time, I have carefully scrutinized many of their leaders to see if they are the real deal when it comes to Forex education as that is what their group, “The Forex Family”, does for many aspiring traders. It goes without saying that my tone in this review towards The Forex Family is more than satisfactory mainly because of these three reasons.

Verified Profitable Mentors
1. I first heard of The Forex Family through a Forex buddy that was in the same trading group as I. At the time I didn’t know much about The Forex Family mostly due to the fact that I was still a novice when it comes to trading the Forex. I was very curious to what type of group this was as at the time a lot of Forex groups were basically MLM 0.50% in disguise. It was to my surprise that I found out that the founder of the group, Uncle Ted, was actually one of the main mentors that had a verified track record of being a six,if not, seven figure trader. His results, just as the results of many of his mentor colleagues, are verified through his regulated brokerage firm called “The Traders Domain”. These pure facts were almost enough for me to believe in the Forex Family as a group but I needed more evidence to validate my bias that these guys were the best in the industry. Good thing this is only one out of three points.

Group Structure
2. I’m not officially in the Forex Family as of yet but based off of the free webinars and social media post these guys put out, I can definitely tell this “group” is more organized than what the name suggest. It is to my knowledge that each individual trader is taken care of by means of one-on-one mentorship in their respected groups. By this I mean there are mentors for scalpers, day traders, swing traders, and more. I find this very unique due to the fact that the average forex group doesn’t have this type of structure. I’ve been in several Forex groups so I can truly say that there is no comparison to the way The Forex Family is structured. You really feel that you are taken care of mostly because these mentors know what it feels like to be unprofitable. I even heard that mentors ask for trading plans from each trader essentially encouraging and pushing them to progress towards profitability.

Commitment and Desire
3. I seldom notice profitable traders that become mentors continue the same rigorous study/work schedule they had when they were amateurs. This is probably due to the fact that there isn’t a need or desire to get any better at trading as they now have an option to solicitate trading education. Fortunately for me and you, this doesn’t apply towards to The Forex Family. Based of off a free webinar I watched from one of their mentors (Wicksdontlie) it is said that these mentors wake up bright and early to help and trade with their students. I feel this itself is enough to prove The Forex Family’s greatness because, let’s face it, what mentor would wake up at 3:00 am just to trade with you?
I love the philosophy of The Forex Family is built on which is why I am joining this fall. Hopefully, I will see you there!
*This was not a paid promotion*


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