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{quote} As I understand it, “stacking” is about multiple entries on different MAs, so different prices. I speak of several entries at the same price on one MA (200). But maybe I do not understand because of the language. If so, I am sorry and will delete my messages. green pips

You can stack into the same position, or stack into a new one based on a different ma and different cycle. The stacking is mainly done to increase your edge. I am going to do a post outlining what I mean by this and how MM and boost your edge once it’s there. The key is, you need your edge to be there though.


{quote} Chief, For mortals with frayed nerves, request you to shed some data insight on higher times frames like hourly etc…random example: TP @ 20-30 and S/L@ 200 pips… Will be much appreciated if you could guide us… Thanks

Possibly will be posting something like this relatively soon.

discord(dot)gg/scBBFdb – Usually Here

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