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{quote} @Chenzo25 Why do you want me to open a new thread in Fun Factory? No matter how simple a system that is based on mechanical rules using technical indicators, it is money for the big money. Remember, it is retail spot forex. at age 35, you see money as a measure of success, LOL. and you don’t have a family, remember that was what you said the last time. {image}

I’ve never said I don’t have a family… this will be my last reply to you.

You posted one chart with a trade taken even though it doesn’t look real.

My guess manny is that you were a school teacher. Judging how you have so much patience teaching noobs absolutely nothing about real trading but you continue to do so.

With the amount of posts you have, my guess is you don’t have a family… You’re anti social and you probably have a bunch of old coffee cups hanging around your computer.

You’re happiest being on this forum getting attention and noobs asking you for help. You feel wanted again because of your failures.

you correct everyone’s charts and criticize the ones who are doing well because your TDI mother bar crap is the way. You are the only one who knows what they are doing here.

Everytime someone says to open your own thread you come up with some lame excuse because you know deep down inside it wont do well. TMS is too famous and new comers will always come to this thread since its the oldest.

If this is what makes you happy and fulfills your life then please keep on tricking people that your a good trader.

im out and will not post here anymore even though numerous amounts of emails encourage me to keep posting.

Good luck everyone and if you want to follow a real trader and successful system on here go to weekly pivot thread.

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