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{quote} mrdfx and fellow traders, Has any one thought of combining Supply Demand with this strategy? Is some one already doing it? IMO it is worth exploring. Just an example here EURUSD and few other failed trades posted on this thread worked nicely with Supply and Demand confluence. {image}

Hello TradeYodha and traders,

Yes! I’ve been trying to apply Supply and Demand Zone confluence to mrdfx’s valuable strategy. This is my personal preference to this strategy and I don’t mean anything to complex the simple system. So I don’t even add more indicator to the chart to draw S & D zones.

My preference is to first look the bigger timeframe (D1 or W1) S & D zones and direction. If daily or H4 S & D zones are in line with Pivot SR78 or 61 (prefer 78 more), go down to H1 and look for entry with confirmation.

I look Price Action too and look for opposing S & D zones near to avoid bad profit margin.

My TP is at Pivot level if there is no opposing S & D zone until pivot level. My SL is above or below previous swing.


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