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Where to begin… Yes, the markets moves loads amounts of money each day but banks aren’t using their biggest investments in foreign exchange. In my experience, the smartest traders aren’t the bankers but the HFT traders trading directly on the market floor. I had several opportunities to talk a bit with some of them in NY, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. Those are the real smart (read: highly intelligence) traders. Too intelligent (and complex) to trade for banks or to trade within a team. In the meantime i received some nasty private messages,…

I’m lucky enough to get into this thread and I plan to read whole articles from the very start to end.
Step by step I’ll check how flow data or bank positions can be subscribed from various providers, especially banks,
how much it costs and how i can make profit from them.

Though following that way, I can’t help being curious about HFT, even it has no portion in this thread.
i don’t need profound knowledge. Just a few questions as below. You answers will be greatly appreciated.

– HFT traders does not pay spreads? Zero spread with zero commission fee is possible?
To make a profit we need pip gain over spread and commission fee at least.
– Can you explain their strategy briefly, just in brain-storming level?

Thanks again.

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