TickSeeker replies to: unbelievable gains in myfxbook


How do you define a successful trader?.

somebody who does it full time with no other income is a good requisite.


If a trader is successful, the only reason he would be in an online community is to make more money – either by selling his system or looking for clients. ?.

Actually, you are making a blanket statement and that is not the only reason why traders join communities/teams. Some people just actually enjoy collaborating and helping others.
I will say there will be a marketplace added to currensee and it will help connect those looking for info to those who are selling services.


Now you say you found some successfull traders there – I find that very hard to believe. Why would a successfull trader share his trades and system with you and even in real time so you can just duplicate his trades? ?.

You can find it hard to believe, that’s fine. Of course not all systems are shared and only the people on your team can see your trades, so it is selective. There are people collaborating and being helpful but doesn’t mean you have to serve up your life’s work on a silver platter to everybody.


That’s why I’m sure the traders you think to be successful are not – they are there just like you, to learn to trade better.



So on that note, I would just stick to forexfactory, as there is plenty to learn here.

There is no forum there so I definitely visit forexfactory and other 4x forums.

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