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Hello Jagzuk,

The Eax trailing stop is simply amazing. If set trail from breakeven to false it work as a stop loss function. I set PSAR as trailing option & put 50 points offset, every time a trade opens it start to trail from 5 pips behind the PSAR, helps me in my strategy. But the problem occurs here, when the PSAR direction changes stoploss or trail function doesn’t work anymore.

See the image attached

Attached Image

Its GbpChf sell trade in progress. Till the PSAR direction changes it was trailing 5 pips behind the PSAR, when direction changes its gone. Now if that TLock was there, its possible that if that trade would close in profit instead waiting for hitting breakeven or actual stoploss/takeprofit set to that trade.

This is after a while, the trade going back after a small pullback.

Attached Image

Now my suggestion is, in any way can you make it store the last TLock value & keep it there till the PSAR direction changes into favorable direction. If the PSAR direction doesn’t change & price hit that stored TLock value your pin will give an exit signal & trade will be closed.

It will help a lot exit many trades in profit. If not possible to incorporate with the current pin, please make a new pin Variable stoploss, whose function is just to store Last TLock value & initiate an exit signal if that value is triggered.

Best Regards.

“Your exits are far more important than your entries.”

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