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{quote} The problem with EA’s is that they can not quickly make an assessment like we humans do. Some decisions that humans can make easily are difficult to automate. To make the EA emulate the behaviour of human trading there is no getting around to find replacements for some of those tests.

I believe trading has to be discretionary and based on the traders experience and skills set. All decisions have to be made by the trader not the expert advisor.
I only use the expert advisor only to help me execute some of the my trading tasks (not all) when I do not want to watching my charts all the time. Also when I trade multiple pairs at the same time, I cannot possibly do so many checks across 20 pairs as fast as an expert advisor can. For example during volatile periods, the expert advisor can check the spread and process price re-qoutes, place timed orders, etc. The indicators are only used by the expert advisor to perform some tasks but with some a limitations when the trader cannot be at their trading terminal.
For example, when we are trading intraday, we can set the expert advisor to trade only during a selected hours like using the start and end time of a particular market session for certain strategy.
Lots of possibilities which can be programmed in an expert advisor.

To emulate human behaviour in trading is another area with potential in software development but still far away. I did some study into neural networks but did not continue.

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