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{quote} Dear Liovannix, In order to first be able to help you correctly please let us know which country you are trading from or alternatively please provide us your MT4/MT5 number. Now in order to answer your questions based on what I understand, I am summarizing your questions below: 1. You are asking why XM offers deposit/withdrawal via i-account? Do I understand this correctly? 2. Your second question is regarding the limits of sending money back to the cards which were used to deposit funds and why amounts exceeding deposits are sent via bank…

Thanks for the reply. Glad you are not shareholder in i-account because the way it was forced down clients throat was very suspect. XM cards were a major decision in trading with XM. Since I complained over the disappearance of XM cards its like XM are in a damaged control mode with circular going out regularly. Case of placing the horse before the cart.
I trade from South Africa and the banks have no limit of withdrawal to the card because almost all the cards where the deposit originated from are actually DEBIT cards and the limit is the account limit. Like other brokers one has the option of providing an account or card as long is in one’s name.
On the i-account the more I go through their services the less its usefulness to non EU clients. I have sent a query to them on how to do online shopping as I am yet to see where to activate such as I am sure it’s only for EU. I have not even seen how to make a deposited to even XM trading account. XM is a multi-million Dollars company so I am sure a tailor made package should have be put together for XM. Your referrer seems to only provide commission for XM and nothing about i-account promise to treat clients to lower charges. I have an Entropay account and they don’t have problem with VISA (Entropay Visa cards are issued by Bank of Valletta, pursuant to a license from Visa Europe). So if MasterCard can’t support XM there are VISA and many others.
On Paypal, I don’t know their modalities but they cooperate with some broker. See attached for example.
I choose that the issues to be ventilated here in open forum rather than providing my trading account and make it private. Some persons here were instrumental to making XM my choice broker and it will be important they are also part of the discussion. I am not the only clients affected here. Some of us who lost money in Liberty Reserve e-currency are still shy of Neteller, Skrill (MoneyBookers), WebMoney and Perfect Money. So I will like us to discuss issues rather than person if don’t mind please.

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