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All three persons that have been placed on the “life-time ban list” today, you have time until tomorrow, 23:59, GMT+1 to: – publicly apologize here for your unfounded, incorrect allegations that you have made in writing on this forum – confirm that you made these statements without any basis whatsoever (I am wondering what all this work here has brought me so far!) – you will refrain from doing such things in the future Choose WISELY. I will NOT let go. FF

Hi FF, Is it necessary to consider their existence even? I believe you started this thread to educate the ones who are interested. I don’t think we can get every one interested – every one has their perspective and levels of suspicion / jealousy and rudeness.

IMHO – Brother, i think it would be a waste of your valuable time even to consider their existence on this thread. You have been giving pearls and request you to continue.

Ignore folks without warning – they should have known better – i mentioned the same in my thread that i recently started – “I will ignore without any warning if any one deviates from the topic”.

Your goodness is being misinterpreted and intentions misrepresented.

There are other folks who are genuine and wish to learn and grateful to you for the education you are providing.

Thank you again for all the wonderful work and lets stay focused on the main reason why this thread is created. You will always find scammers and nay sayers and etc etc all over… Focusing on them would be a waste of your time.

“Collective Brain” —–> Lets redefine it to include the folks who are genuinely interested and willing to learn…

As always this is my 1 cent..

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