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I have finally made a consistent EA .I am pleased to share the story of successful, profitable and consistent eas. It took over 14 years of time investment, money , coders fees of $30,000 , back testing , forward testing and learning real professional trading , professional trading knowledge that is coded in my eas. The total cost of my EA is $500,000 in my time and money.

99 % of expert advisors or most / robots fail, when market conditions change. The meta quotes championship winner expert advisors all failed in the following years, when market conditions changed.

Most forex eas 99% of them fail?It is unlikely anyone will ever produce a consistent forex EA, there are fundamental reasons why they can not produce them.
Several internet discussions on “why do 99 % of robots expert advisors fail of eas fail?”

A forex pair consists of two economies, both are always changing, and interest rates expectations change over months and years.Volatility becomes noisy with 50 % related to one currency and 50 % related to another.This kills smooth trends in forex. Daily banking transactions by the banks , central banks and businesses create a lot of noise moves for the trends , with fake moves and breakdown of real trends This creates noisy forex trends, these trends break down regularly.No one can program profitable EAS for the above behavior.

My forex eas are designed with fundamentals as follows:

The type of Eas that work in forex are Grid EAS .Design yourself a grid EA and trade it with interest rates expectations.

Search on internet for Grid trading very viable method of automated trading & EURUSD Currency grid trading like a pro.

I have made grid eas for forex that are profitable in the long term.These are the only types of EAS that produce returns.

A single modular trading robot EA can be programmed with 75 precision entry and exits systems, it would be impossible to do it succesfully. I chose to make 75 different EAS to make 75 variations in my EAS, to cater for all the the market conditions and variations.if market conditions change the EA becomes the patient disciplined trader. Some of the eas are coded with unique price action set ups, grid set ups, contrarian strategies with an edge, fundamental strategies ea (analyzed into technical analysis) , breakouts, trends, intraday trend trades in direction of major trends, ranging markets eas, breakout failures ea, fake move fractals ea , reversal eas and many unique different price action confirmation eas etc

The 75 EAS are giving me 75 % a year, that is only 1 % a year per EA. Big funds by Goldman Sachs would be happy to buy my EAS for $20M , they could make $200m a year or several billion dollars over many years.Why would I sell a good EA? I do not sell EAS , but I thought many here would like to have a refreshing discussion on expert advisors/robots.

1 % per EA is for real money live account EAS , is not good, it is poor EA. Other people are selling EAS with 100% to 1000 % a year profits , they are geniuses . Overall 75% from 75 robots is a real EA , it is safe EA with highly complex martingale, that doubles on average upto *2 orignal losing size.

The 75 EAS are operating from 4 IC7 computers and 25 meta trader platforms on 4 accounts.I don’t back test EAS for past profitability, except I back test only to check functions of code.A consistent EA for me is one which makes money every few months, several months a year, but remains low risk when market conditions are difficult for EAS. It should not lose much on bad conditions.

Most back testing is useless, back testing that performed well from 2001 to 2006 , failed horribly in 2007 to 2012, because there were fundamental interest expectations in 2001 to 2006. Most back testing is carried out without psychology, and later used in a psychology based manual method, only to under perform due to the negative wiring of the human brain in trading,

It is difficult to code one trading robot ea to be consistently profitable. A trader needs many robots.If you want to understand eas and robots, please see the precision robots at work n the Mercedes factory.I am not going to post a video of one such operation with many robots in Mercedes factory, but you can see them on youtube.

There are many free profitable EAS with source codes on internet searches , I play around with them to increase my knowledge.I am learning a lot from from free profitable eas with source codes on internet searches. I don’t use them for actual trading , but I use them only for learning, I use professionally coded safe EAS on live account.. Hope you all get there for free.

The EAS also send automatic withdrawal request to my broker , to withdraw profits when balance rises. It is like having my own ATM EA, I simply go to the ATM to collect.

I will be happy to answer serious questions.

Below are back tests for 2001 to 2008 , the equity curve returned to 2001 to 2004 , so back tests and over optimized back tests are useless. Back testing is like shooting an arrow ,then drawing a circle around it afterwards, it can’t be done in real time, so all back tested reliant eas are worthless.I gave up on expert advisors , after seeing the equity curve for 2007 to 2012, it was similar to 2001 to 2004, so I gave up on using expert advisors in 2011.

It took many years to find out the truth.I restarted 3 times after 2011 and gave up and I am finally there.

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I treat these EAS as a business , a business where computers are buying and selling, they are making an annual profit. This business requires no employees , except my self and coders employed on piece work .The only other expenses being rent of office , computers , electricity and internet. I have to do nothing (after all eas are developed), but just watch ATM computers in action.Where can I buy a business like this earning 75% a year? I will buy similar businesses , if anyone willing to sell me EAS. I don’t sell EAS , I use them for business purposes.


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