VEEFX replies to: TOP 100 best edges on forex charts: post good edges here


{quote} Traders create the edge based on the rules they hold true? So,If I had my system fully automated, Icould simply rent the EA for 10,000 a month instead of selling it 1,000,000.00 The person whom rents my EA is also renting my edge being as the trades shall be placed independent of what the renter decides to do. A est can be contracted to plY what ever itis you like and the desired results shall be gainned.

Show me a fully automated system that can guarantee profits from day one with any tom, dick or harry who uses it, and I’ll show you the golden fleece.

The bottom line is – If you are looking for a system, you don’t know how to trade, and if you don’t know how to trade but want profits now, then you are looking for a short cut, and if you’re looking for a short cut, you’re going to lose – 100% guaranteed.

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