venividivici replies to: Compounding forex billionaires on forums

Because nobody trades that way.

It’s like, why wouldn’t a 9-5 person be a millionaire. Money doesn’t just magically compound.
I don’t trade 1,000 then make 10,000 and then trade 10,000 off the bat like that.
I’ll make 10,000 cool. I’ll trade for another 1,000, the way I trade. It’s like going to a doctor, roughly making about 1,000 or so a day. I don’t see him the next day not being a doctor. There’s a consistent way of doing things, via managing expenses and yourself. I don’t think I’ve met many people who trade a winnings of 100,000 to compound it the next day. That’s insane. But say each man was just borderline financially suicidal.

With 1,000 bucks, in about 11 roulette wheels, you’re a millionaire. Say you get to spin 10, are you really wanting to risk all that work and time for the chance to make the million mark? You can argue, well if you had a proven system why not risk all your money at once. AND it’s a valid point philosophically. But let’s consider survival very important.
Like lifting you can keep enhancing your muscles by going higher and higher. But there’s sort of a limit in everyone’s mind about what’s worth it and what your joints can physically handle. But if you’re strong enough of a man to handle money in that manner, I don’t see why it’s not possible to compound.
You can’t really expose someone making 6,000 dollars a day. Because it’s not like they’re using 6,000 the very next day to make 12,000. They’ll just make another 6,000 with what they’re used to. Pay off their losses, and their personal expenses. And I mean at least they have the safety of “I won’t be homeless tomorrow morning with such a radical idea.”

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