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good evening Ata,
my first day in Ata-School is over.

I traded full day EU only.
There were 3 Charts on my screen: H4, H1, M15.
I drew Support/Resistance lines on M1, W1, D1, H1 and H1

I’m not an expert in the PA-Trading,
but with my knowledge I could make a small profit on D1 constantly.
I traded this setups:
1. with trend, entry after a signal bar or
after pullback to MAs (SMA6 or EMA20) and to Support/Resistance lines
and bounce from them
2. bounce/reverse from the key S/R levels I traded too.

by Trading on D1 I had always time to make my decisions
no hurry, no urgency, no stress.
But M15 trading is much faster
I had no time to make a small chart analyses.

I have to develop other qualities for this TF.

I found one good entry with my PA-Knowledge for M15 only…
My main problem is,
i take about 25% from real profit, not more.

Your system makes a good job,
but at first I must to learn and understand it.
Therefore I begun to read ALL your posts from page 1.
Next week I trade demo account only.

Many thanks for your effort!!!!!
and have a good weekend!!!!!!


I’m learning, don’t follow me, vvm

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