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{quote} A lot of questions. 1, I joined this thread because what he publishes does not help the initial traders. 2. He is blind to one eye, a little narcissus, a bit of antisemin. 3. No one hurt my feelings. Pivot were and will be. Davit did not invent it. The same as weekly pivot works, day and month pivot works. 4. The distance and perspective are important. As the price reacts to the well-presented prices. 5, FF is the old man of time … too many haunted prophets Any questions yet? TDI is a pile of shit. The price is important regards

Your point no 4. is enough to read from your post: The distance and perspective are important.
That is exactly what is this thread about. We trade in a distant zone 68-100, confirmed by PA.
You just fail to understand the obvious.

And if you have another way of spoting this, why to come and insult someone else system ?
Did you see somewhere written on this forum: “This is the only method how to make money forex trading ?”

As your status says: “FF is a waste of time”
Please make yourself (and all of us here) a favor, stop wasting time posting on FF.

buying tops / selling bottoms

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