vwap replies to: Astroforex Course? Shaun Lee $5k to $1Million.

Expensive things (generally) are a by-product of success in the discipline you are following. Except for when they need to constantly show these expensive things because they use them as TOOLS to earn their income. These expensive things are (a big) part of their ‘business model’. My question for you is: Did you see any expensive car, house, trips, shopping related to AstroFX?
When I started looking for education I would look for the opposite of this. No expensive car, houses, watches, no flashy website, nothing. Focus on the content.
I’m not saying the course is useless but the majority of the time you will be paying for a ‘slightly’ modified version of things you can find free on-line.

I’m not even getting into fake reviews, fake brokers statements or track records, etc…

Certainly not what I would look for (included with the course):

  1. Professionally printed A4 guidebook on the Art of Technical Analysis;
  2. Personalised Astrofx certificate;
  3. Astrofx notepad;
  4. Astrofx pen;
  5. Astrofx USB with trading journal;
  6. Astrofx wireless intelligent mouse;
  7. Astrofx mouse mat;
  8. Stress bull toy.

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