Whikka replies to: Scammers – Hall of Shame

We should let FractalFreak do his thing on his thread.
For people who never heard about ‘Market Manipulation’ and all the topics it includes, the thread FractalFreak is presenting (more with his fancy indicators) is something –unique– as he says. It is the ‘lightbulb on’ moment, and we are just people who ‘can’t see it’.
What happens when someone ‘turns the lightbulb on’ in your head? Yes, he becomes the leader/messiah. That is why we have grown man acting like childs in defense of one of his friends, they are followers.

From where I see it, this has only 3 possible outcomes and only time will tell:
1- FF is really a well-intentioned human beeing that its just conceited, pretentious and egocentric. And he really doesnt know that what he shares has already been shared and known since long time ago. May be he knows that is something already shared, but (honestly) thinks that what he brings is better than anything shared before. May be he even has something really unique to bring!

2- FF is a scammer. He is just trying to build a group of loyal followers to (later on) start selling his indicators, may be put together one or a few courses about Market Manipulation, etc..

3- FF is someone with psychological problems. May be he has the classic Messiah Complex well known around ForexFactory, may be he needs to fill for the lack of something else in other aspects of life, ego problems, etc…

Of the three options, the worse its the number three. If he brings something good and is well intetioned everyone wins. If he is a scammer a small group of people will lose a few $100 here and there. If he is the Messiah, a lot of people will waste a lot of time (some years) with the holy grial he brings, loosing a lot of $ in the process and incurring in different kinds of ‘problems’ (Psychological, social, financial, etc)

Only time will tell which are his real motives and intentions. I can see some signs that indicate he is the Messiah character, but could be a (well prepared) scammer too:
• No proof of performance.
– If you tell him he has no real proof of performance, he will just avoid the question with empty rhetoric.
• Mass manipulation.
– Clearly he knows how to manipulate masses. For example he will cheer up those who agree with him and turn down the ones who don’t, even put them in a list. Sometimes he will play the victim, asking for ‘comments to keep him motivated’, the CIQ index. Asking followers to defend him, etc etc.
• The Holy-Grial
– Pretty much summarized in the title and 1st page of the thread.

All of this could change with time.

In the meantime we are just delaying the answers we are looking for, wasting time and generating a lot of traffic for FF (Both FF’s).

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