wicky3666 replies to: Most Famous Blessing 3.9.6 EA and Setfiles


{quote} hi cdsaa. why do you recommend for no to use in a small account balances? doesn’t it have trailing stop? a good EA must have the trailing stop, doesn’t it.

This EA uses Martingale with Multipliers.

It does have trailing stop, if you want to use.

But the set file, I posted, gives good returns over a period and consistent, lot size (money management) is good.

So the thumb rule is atleast $3000 is needed to trade on the given pairs. You can use that to trade on all pairs, it is ok, but be watchful on big event days – try and switch the EA off.

On Small balances, the grid, doesnt survive after level 6 or 7, which is usually the case. – 100 pip movements. On bigger accounts, it sails through almost 300 pips.

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