WindFreeze10 replies to: Monitor for ‘Trading Made Simple’ system

– – – here from my buddy in d US , Real live and NOT sume fukkin demo BS from a sick mudderFukker !!!

_________u cant photoshop these – genuine so u know this trader is NOT workin for d stinkin dealers aka brokers

_________or has sume EGO problems [plenty MF on this site]

————-dont get LOST in this fx_jungle = study B4 u trade[real, demo gives u only Very Bad habits] and Waist ur Hard earned $$$

________when i started – Nobody gave me these Warnings so i had to Learn it d fukkin HARDWay 4sure !

–99% demo’s[rigged] gives u only Very Bad habits etc2 and thats Xcactly what d dealers want u to do[$$$ in their stinkin pockets later when u go LIVE]

– mebbe only 2% fx retailers makin $$$ – so figure – and so many9 stinkin dealers lol [for them its like fishin in a fishBowl FULL with plenty9 of Hungry lil fishes[retailers with mebbe just a 2K us$ acct’s]

————–Now most likely i will get banned oh well , thats ok – – – guess who ist Mostly funding$ this site

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