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EURAUD {quote} Rub, I’m confused which is your Big Boss, Boss and Worker. There is no PASR anywhere on your 3 charts to signal a short, in fact, PASR is indicating a LONG trade Look at your EURAUD Weekly chart. Look at the first blue rectangle. The tail on that candle is showing support in an area of consolidation. Look at the next blue rectangle where you entered. Same thing – the tail is resting on support. All this indicates that there are BUYERS at these levels willing to buy. {image} Now look at your EURAUD Daily chart. That blue rectangle…

Ok, that should be my big boss is monthly, boss is weekly, worker is daily. I took the trade short because of the boss closing below the recent consolidation, with 3rd august being the signal bar. I then used 4hr to look for a entry with a smaller stop, still based on that i see. The level you’ve indicated I don’t have marked, the two blue lines are my two closest levels. While I did see the 200ema, that was my first target.
I see Svolacius in post 6256 has a similar thoughts to me.

EUR/NZD I should’ve never have even set a order.

USD/JPY I should have got out when it came back to my entry (post 6055). Entered because of bottom of WCC, uptrend, support of strat shadow and a trendline. Well, if wishes were fishes….

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