wiserltz replies to: C-12’s Supply, Demand and PA thread


Also UCHF. Daily PA on this one first, then H4 pullback and engulf. {image}

Hi C-12,
It’s always enjoyable to read your posts here and Ata’s thread.

I have read all of Kennth’s post several times(more than 5 maybe).Also Balhana, more then 5 quick sure

Downloaded all the posts here. I noticed(if i was right) you changed from Sam Seiden’s M30/M1 touch trade(dated 2011), to Sniper mode using lowTF and trade both side, to current H4/M30 style, I want to start my journey from https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=9112563#post9112563 because it is similar to current style, another reason it’s the No.2001 in this thread.

Am I in the right track?

Thank for those Dunk trades and charts


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