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{quote} @Tekkies, You do have a serious problem reading and understanding the English language. There is no contradiction. The 5-Method was one of several methods discussed on that old thread. That old thread started with another title “GBPUSD M15…” but was changed to Craig Harris Stochastic Method by FF Admin because Big E was talking about Craig Harris trading system most of the time back then. Remember the two words ‘Divergence’ and ‘divergence’ may be the same word but are different and how you confused with Post#5. No wonder that you misunderstood…

You still don’t get it emmanuel
Post 336 is from this thread Trading Made Simple. The sentence in red means only 5 – method will be discussed in this thread.
From somewhere in the past : “When a person accuses you of things you are not doing is it usually because that what they are actually doing?


{quote} @Tekkies, I already replied all your stupid questions and you still expect a reply. Just read my last 5 posts. If you want to learn TMS trading, go start read from Post#1 up to Post#12,912. If you not understand the language, you can always ask and post your questions with a chart to that other members can help you.

No emmanual you have not.
Let’s see how you understand BigE’s post’s
– Price Action before TDI cross
Can you post BigE post from this thread where BigE applied Price Action before TDI cross over
Post 3,689 is from Craig Harris Stochastics Method not this thread
What does this thread means in plain English emmanuel

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