yanetjellen replies to: Forex – A negative sum game for losers


Dear Dukas Trader, You prove the reason why I do not post much on these forums. I said I am not hear to argue with somebody or to prove anything to anybody, yet you choose to attack me and called my suggestions “stupid suggestions from beginners” First of all the tread owner started this tread about spikes, slippage and other ways in which traders loose money and ask for discussions around that. Clearly you have 20 times more posts than me so you must know better how to read a tread and understand what somebody is saying before going on the attack….

thats the problem with beginners like you.
you speak about thinks, but you dont like to learn the basics.
and same time with your total big mistakes you are misleading people, and then you say “You prove the reason why I do not post much on these forums.” no , you are total wrong in this point , you are not able to see it. in no way you can be correct, because any trading basics and any trading math logic would have show you ,you are wrong. whats so difficult always in this extrem easy beginner topic with heddging that so many beginenrs like you dont get it correct, ok you need some bacis math logic, but any school should learn this good enough. rest is total logic easy by write it donw on a paper oto compare both ways and you should find you mistakes easy.

but really, your joke was big. saying that people lose because using Stoploss (what really shows me you are not only a beginner, you really dont like to learn basics and have not the best trading edge) and same time hedge a trade (what really any beginners knows is 1:1 same like Stoploss, only more complicated and often more expansive) was one of the biggest jokes maybe someone did in this forum. beginners like to hedge, then trade is still open, so no loss . thats the faszinating in hedging, people look at balance and not in equity, and so stupid people start hedging, because they dong know better. when you get out of the beginner level you will learn equity is only important (balance never ever to look ) and any time you look at a trade, you decide this trade should be open now (or you would close the trade) and any money is already booked in what this trade has (loss or win), so from this moment the trade is new always and next time you look at it, this new value is new win with the trade. but this you will understand later. ofcourse this is far of the basic beginner chance risk value calculation what noone use later when he left the beginner level. then you trade the market , not levels you decided before.

i really like people with arguments, so in this point you are total ok. but you cant speak about such an easy beginner topic so wrong, thats not fair to beginners who read here and then maybe believe in your 100% wrong arguments you write here. maybe in other topics you are not this 100% wrong, i can only judge this fact what i see here.

and dont dream about, that using hedging in whatever kind you do is special, its always same like stoploss/takeprofit/closing using and new trades placing. you will learn it when you trade longer or start learn the basics and you will remember maybe this discussion about how wrong you was. this hedging problem people i have seen in last 20 years so often, i cant even count. really, by learning the math and trading bascis you avoid this big problems!

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