yanitsa replies to: OANDA Discussion

I am not sure what some of you are doing. Oanda has some of the best spreads especially if you get a premium account which you should have anyway. Playing the markets with chump change gets you nowhere. Yes spreads go up when liquidity is low such as between markets opening and closing as well as major news times. That is how the real market works. ECNs, real inter-bank spreads all do the same thing. It is impossible for fixed spreads 247. That is why some brokers freeze during news times, they do that because the platform cant handle it or the do it intentionally to keep you out so they do not lose money. The fact some of you complain about that fact is proof you have no idea what you are doing or even understand how the FX market even functions.

Your job is to outwit your broker and other traders. If you cant do that, go get a regular job and stop whining. Oandas execution on trades is the absolute best I have seen when you execute through FX trade directly. In 12 years I have NEVER got a re-quote or bad fill. The execution time is is >5MS on average.

So please, learn how to trade, stop tying to sound smart and get over it.

– Ric

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