z.h replies to: Blueberry Markets, anyone have experience with them?

i’m also considering starting an account with Blueberry Markets, partly because two forex educators i’m considering learning from, use them

yet to fund my account (as i’m still figuring out the most cost-effective way of funding my account) as they are based in Australia and my capital are mostly in my hong kong based bank accounts. currently, i’m with IG Markets which has a Hong Kong bank account, so it’s very easy for me to just deposit monies to fund it.

while trying to figure out how to fund my blueberry markets account, i find them both helpful and perhaps overly eager to make it happen, including absorbing the remittance fees (for transferring $$ from my HK account to their aussie bank account)

but in short, their customer service is great. can’t comment further untill i start trading via them

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