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I need help finding an emergency broker to avoid the limitation of leverage! IC market refuses customers who live in France pepperstone applies the limitation of leverage for French

Please help me with advice too. My broker reduced leverage without informing me, while I was in the middle of transactions!
Am a relatively new trader. Have been trading for less than 3 months with same broker. When opening the 1.0 eurchf position, I saw a message market closed! And it was 4 am ET on a Tuesday! My order didnt open. I tried again, it opened. A 1.0 eurchf position with 500.1 leverage is supposed to have $234 margin. But I was surprised to see margin at 468. Since I was using my phone, I said lemme go to my laptop and see exactly what’s happening. On the MT4 I saw these details on my account making components of the margin of $468
Eur . -234
Chf.. -234
Like they had split the pair into individual currencies and applied margin to each of them.
I contacted support and one rep told me to send an email to trading department for them to investigate what happened. Now my account had initial balance of $915, with this high margin I will be stopped out quick if the market aggressively went against me. I waited for a whole 24 hrs. I had to close the position in a loss and initiate a withdrawal of my funds immediately coz after 24 hrs I didn’t get any reply from support. I just got my funds right now. My question for the experienced traders, can a broker change leverage for me without informing me while am in the middle of trading?

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