ZyzzAlba replies to: The only thread you will ever need: FX Exposed!


“Edit – expect zero live trades ppl” JEEZ, it is LIVE!!! FF

Please don’t get into Live Calls. Forums are littered with such calls and they all prove nothing. it will only hurt this journey and perception imo.

Give us your Solution Statement on how DMs can avoid manipulation? If there is no way to avoid at least 60% of the time then please come out and say it. It will gel with my fact-based research only to prove it is 100% accurate and more importantly, it will prove my theorems on which my strategy is currently based on. I am waiting (patiently but the OCD is kicking in full gear!)

EDIT: Speaking of Live Calls, the only thing that will convince me is a LiveStream running 24×5 right from the very first trade into your account onwards. No amount of screenshots or trade explorers or myFXbook verifications will work. They are all hackable and untrustworthy.. As I said, it will ONLY generate more noise pushing you towards scammer territory.

If I meet my goals and objectives, LiveStream is the only way I would do it.

I am on self-imposed exile from FF to continue my detoxification journey!

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